buna seara foarte frumoasa pagina dar are prea multa culoare rosie !


 “I LOVE YOU !!”… Who said it and how many times? I and so many people utter them so easily and quickly … vows and empty words, uttered just when you need them … “I can not live without you !!”… how long this feeling? One month … a year, or until the heart is “click” on a beautiful girl, an athletic body in may, or compelling a person’s intelligence. Why we play with emotion of the moment that will last a lifetime anyway?? And why can not we be honest and recognize that we too quickly people forget what I felt yesterday?? “I love you” … three words that should tell them less often and they feel more and forever … so until after all, a heart is one that shows us clearly and without words, truth a love!

  “Love has no time …are any time,
occur anytime, anywhere…

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