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buna seara va rog cine vrea sa vada ceva speciel faceti turul manastirilor !


 I begin this series of posts as a gift for my best friend Natalia Golemanova,the first of my friends that play for my country has shown interest.


    Early History

  The population of Moldova is drawn from Getic Romanized Dacian tribes. Period of Roman occupation of Dacia and the Black Sea coast to Olbia (today Transylvania, Oltenia, Dobrogea and Bugeac) created a new culture by the colonists Romanization of the local population. After the Roman Empire withdrew from the north of the Danube in 271 AD, a lot of migrating peoples passed through this region: Huns, Goths, Slavs, Avars, Bulgars, Iasi, Hazarii, Hungarians, Petchenegs, Cumans and Tatars. But Romanized population, refugees in highlands such as the Carpathians or Woodlands, Woods or ground, gradually returned to lowlands, as the invasion is rare, while sedentary states strengthen Christian.
  Thus interfered with migration Slavs (the best known of which…

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  1. mengeleblog says:

    salutare ! cu ce iti pot fii de folos ??
    adresa mea e
    dace doresti ceva si am poate reusesc sa-ti dau.

  2. ionescut1 says:

    buna dimineata daca sunteti moderator va rog ajutatima sa fac aceasta pagina pe brogger stiu aici nu stiu sa o termin !

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